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Tag archive: 3-year-old

Ep. 314 – Will Summer Break Break Us?

In the special segment “What I Googled This Week,” Shanna and Laura reveal the hilarious and embarrassing things they have asked the internet lately, diving into the topics of kids’ candy, fire safety, the pelvic floor and more! Also, Shanna reports on the ups and downs of taking her kids to a theme park all […] Read More

Ep. 313 – Parenting Sacrifices You Never Saw Coming

In the special segment “Mom Wins!,” Laura and Shanna celebrate their recent parenting achievements, including heroic sacrifices that involve indoor playgrounds and fancy notebooks. Also Laura reports on the skills that her 3-year-old has recently developed that makes him feel more like a big kid and less like a baby, and Shanna talks about how […] Read More

Ep. 312 – An Unusual Form of Parenting Jealousy

In the special segment “Gripe Water,” Shanna and Laura share the hilariously petty parenting problems that have been bothering them lately, diving into parenting jealousy, bedtime books and more! Also, Shanna reports on the newest temporary additions to her family, and Laura talks about choosing to celebrate her birthday unconventionally. Finally, they share their BFPs […] Read More

Ep. 311 – Foreshadowing of the Teenage Years

In the special segment “Today I Learned,” Laura and Shanna discuss the intriguing things they have learned recently related to the world of parenting, including why an episode of Bluey was banned in the U.S. and a fascinating theory about why humans go through menopause. Also, Laura talks about how a new extracurricular activity triggered […] Read More

Ep. 310 – Is My Child Psychic?

In the special segment “OMG I’m Freaking Out!” Shanna and Laura reveal the current parenting dilemmas that have their hair standing on end, including the topics of lying, smartphones, psychic abilities and more! Also, Shanna reports on the surprising way she spent her Mother’s Day, and Laura talks about why she spontaneously chose to chaperone […] Read More

Ep. 309 – Parenting Pro Tips and Shoe-nanigans

In the special segment “What the Hack?,” Laura and Shanna share some of their favorite parenting tips and tricks, including ideas for teaching kids how to put shoes on the correct feet, motivating kids to get dressed, effectively cutting mandarins and more! Also, Laura reports on her unexpected vehicle hullabaloo, and Shanna discusses a new […] Read More

Ep. 308 – Making a Visual Calendar for Your Kids

In the special segment “Never Have I Ever: Parenting Edition,” Laura and Shanna share the surprising and hilarious things they never thought they would do before they had kids, including cleaning up bizarre messes, doing odd things in public and more! Also, Shanna reports on going on a one-on-one date with her 5-year-old, and Laura […] Read More

Ep. 307 – You Got Scammed!

In the special segment “Checkin’ the Inbox,” Shanna and Laura answer listener questions about how to handle toy tantrums, dressing dilemmas, clutter clear-outs and more! Also, Laura reports on her 5-year-old’s first parkour class, and Shanna checks in on her daughters’ new shady behavior. Finally, they share their BFPs and BFNs for the week. Shanna’s […] Read More

Ep. 306 – One Way We Definitely Don’t Want to Give Birth

Laura and Shanna share the wild and wacky parenting-related content they’ve found online recently in the special segment “Internet Insanity,” including scandalous sourdough drama and a birthing device that will make your head spin. Also, Shanna reports on her struggle to get her kids to their extracurricular activities, and Laura talks about how her anxiety […] Read More

Ep. 305 – Handling Unsolicited Parenting Advice

In the special segment, “They Said What?!” Shanna and Laura discuss the funny, outrageous or offensive things people have said to them recently about parenting, including a surprising comment at the grocery store, an unsolicited tidbit of parenting advice from a stranger and more! Also, Laura reports on an infection that presented itself stealthily in […] Read More