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Big Fat Positive: A Pregnancy and Parenting Journey Podcast

What if you and your best friend were pregnant at the same time? 
That's what happened to us!

Big Fat Positive is a smart and funny podcast about two best friends who found out they were pregnant at the same time. The show follows the moms-to-be on their journey through pregnancy and into new motherhood, week by week. With weekly check-ins, special guests and segments such as "OMG I’m Freaking Out," hosts Shanna Micko & Laura Birek recount the often hilarious and always honest highs and lows of being a pregnant woman and new mom.

Episodes 1 to 32 deal with pregnancy. Episodes 33 on deal with new parenthood. Tune in wherever you are on your journey!

New episodes are released every Monday.

Most Recent Episodes

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Ep. 316 – Playdate Gone Wrong

In the special segment “Stump the Moms,” Shanna and Laura grill each other with amusing and educational trivia questions involving surprising facts about Disney theme parks and the energy required to sustain a pregnancy. Also, Shanna reports on hosting a group play date that took a turn she never saw coming, and Laura discusses the […] Read More
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Ep. 315 – Boob Pockets and Social Soup

In the special segment “Dear Past Me,” Laura and Shanna turn back time and give pregnancy and parenting advice to their past selves, including words of wisdom about creating friendships, doing bedtime routines, committing to extracurricular activities and more! Also, Laura reports on her 5-year-old’s last week of school, and Shanna reports on the ironic […] Read More

Ep. 314 – Will Summer Break Break Us?

In the special segment “What I Googled This Week,” Shanna and Laura reveal the hilarious and embarrassing things they have asked the internet lately, diving into the topics of kids’ candy, fire safety, the pelvic floor and more! Also, Shanna reports on the ups and downs of taking her kids to a theme park all […] Read More

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