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Tag archive: daycare

Ask Us Anything Mini-sode #10 – Getting Botox as a Mom

In this special bonus episode, Laura and Shanna answer listener questions about getting botox as a mom, parenting strengths and weaknesses, tandem nursing, the importance of routines for your child when they get a new sibling and more. If you have a question for an upcoming Ask Us Anything Mini-sode, email us at [email protected], or […] Read More

Ep. 245 – When Misunderstandings Lead to Meltdowns

In the special segment “Why Is My Kid Crying?” Shanna and Laura share the things that have caused their little ones to melt down recently, including carelessly chosen words, frozen yogurt memories and more. They dissect the reasons behind the huge emotions, discuss how they handled the situations and explore how they might have done […] Read More
Big Fat Positive: A Pregnancy and Parenting Journey podcast

Ep. 229: When Do You Feel Like Yourself Again?

Laura and Shanna answer listener questions in another round of “Checkin’ the Inbox,” covering the topics of parenting while sick, dividing household duties with our spouses, the challenges of breastfeeding in public and more! Also, Laura reports on her toddler’s first parent-teacher conference, and Shanna talks about the questionable reason her daughter was sent home […] Read More
Big Fat Positive: A Pregnancy and Parenting Journey podcast

Ep. 228: Raising Respectful, Feminist Boys

Laura and Shanna answer listener questions in the special segment “Checkin’ the Inbox,” covering the topics of feminism, family resemblances, the future of BFP and more! Also, Shanna reports on a surprising new morning routine that her girls have spearheaded, and Laura talks about an unusual incident that happened in the night with her three-year-old. […] Read More
Big Fat Positive: A Pregnancy and Parenting Journey podcast

Ep. 227: Throwback: Shanna’s First Boyfriend

Laura discusses a big decision that she has to make about her 1-year-old’s daycare, and Shanna talks about her reluctance to let her girls run a lemonade stand. Also, in the special segment “Throwback,” Shanna tells a story about her first boyfriend and reflects on some important life lessons she learned from her mom at […] Read More

Ep. 224: Baby’s First Time at Daycare

Laura reports on her 19-month-old’s first week of daycare and how the transition is affecting him and the family, and Shanna shares her three-year-old’s unique plans for Thanksgiving dinner. Also, in the segment “Today I Learned,” Shanna and Laura dive into the fascinating topics of regrettable baby names, infant X-rays, toddler metabolism and more Finally, […] Read More

Ep. 223: Funny Things We’ve Taught Our Kids

In the special segment “Mom Confessions,” Laura and Shanna divulge their most outrageous and embarrassing parenting moves, including the hilarious things they’ve taught their kids, hidden from their kids and eaten off their kids. Also, Laura reports on some big news about an upcoming change in her childcare situation, and Shanna shares some exciting news […] Read More

Ep. 211: Forward Facing (In the Car Seat and in Life)

In the special segment “OMG I’m Freaking Out,” Laura and Shanna report on the parenting-related situations that have their hair standing on end, including a terrifying toddler escape, sibling injuries, deep thoughts about life and more! Also, Laura discusses her 16-month-old’s developing use of baby sign language, and Shanna reports on her decision to turn […] Read More