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Ep. 306 – One Way We Definitely Don’t Want to Give Birth

Laura and Shanna share the wild and wacky parenting-related content they’ve found online recently in the special segment “Internet Insanity,” including scandalous sourdough drama and a birthing device that will make your head spin. Also, Shanna reports on her struggle to get her kids to their extracurricular activities, and Laura talks about how her anxiety […] Read More

Ep. 305 – Handling Unsolicited Parenting Advice

In the special segment, “They Said What?!” Shanna and Laura discuss the funny, outrageous or offensive things people have said to them recently about parenting, including a surprising comment at the grocery store, an unsolicited tidbit of parenting advice from a stranger and more! Also, Laura reports on an infection that presented itself stealthily in […] Read More

Ep. 304 – Preparing for an Empowered Birth with Dr. Nicole Rankins

Shanna and Laura talk to Dr. Nicole Rankins about what pregnant people can do to create an effective birth plan. Dr. Nicole is a board-certified, practicing OBGYN and the host of the podcast “All About Pregnancy & Birth,” and she is the creator of online courses “The Birth Preparation Course” and “Make a Birth Plan […] Read More

Ep. 303 – Shanna’s Dramatic Dinner

Laura reports on her three-year-old’s progress with potty training, and Shanna tells the story of an unexpectedly dramatic dinner with her family. Also, in the special segment “Loose Ends,” Shanna and Laura give updates about topics they’ve talked about previously, including behavior issues, Botox and more! Finally, they share their BFPs and BFNs for the […] Read More

Ep. 302 – Shamrocks and Samurais

In the special segment “Why Is My Kid Crying,” Shanna and Laura analyze the things that have caused their little ones to melt down recently, including unexpectedly big feelings at pool parties, school fundraising events and more! Also, Shanna reports on her family’s last-minute St. Patrick’s Day celebration, and Laura talks about attending a local […] Read More

Ep. 301 – What if My Son Wants to Wear “Girl” Clothes?

In the special segment “Mom Confessions,” Laura and Shanna divulge their hilarious and embarrassing parenting moves recently, including using an unexpected product from the medicine cabinets, having surprising feelings while shopping at a big-box store and more! Also, Laura talks about potty training her three-year-old, and Shanna reports on chaperoning a second-grade field trip. Finally, […] Read More

Ep. 300 – Shanna’s Mom Tells All!

To celebrate their 300th episode, Laura and Shanna have invited Shanna’s mom Janet on the show! In this very special “Throwback” segment, Janet takes us back to her pregnancy, birth and early parenthood with Shanna. She talks about being pregnant during an ice storm, moving cross-country with an infant, how Shanna was the opposite of […] Read More

Ep. 299 – Laura’s Mom Tells All!

To celebrate their 299th episode, Shanna and Laura have invited Laura’s mom Susan on the show! In this very special “Throwback” segment, Susan takes us back to her pregnancy, birth and early parenthood with Laura. She talks about what kind of baby Laura was in utero and out, shares fond and funny memories of that […] Read More

Ep. 298 – Letting Your Kids Go at Their Own Pace

In the special segment “Stump the Moms,” Shanna and Laura quiz each other on parenting-related trivia, diving into the topic of bizarre teething treatments and more! Also, Shanna reports on feeling conflicted about her 5-year-old’s sudden clinginess, and Laura discusses her 5-year-old’s newfound enthusiasm for writing. Finally, they share their BFPs and BFNs for the […] Read More

Ep. 297 – Preparing for Your Second Child: Interview with Erica Djossa

Laura and Shanna dive into the topic of how to prepare for your second child with Erica Djossa, CEO and founder of Momwell and the author of the upcoming book “Releasing the Mother Load: How to Carry Less and Enjoy Motherhood More.” Erica answers listener questions about evening out the mental load before baby arrives, […] Read More