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Tag archive: sports

Ep. 293 – Handling Your Child’s Fear of the Dark

In the special segment “Mom Wins!,” Shanna and Laura share some recent parenting successes, including solving a very tricky homework problem, instilling an important lesson about body boundaries and more! Also, Laura reports on her five-year-old’s first day in tennis class, and Shanna reports on her five-year-old’s newfound fear of the dark. Finally, they share […] Read More

Ep. 282 – Piercing Your Child’s Ears

When Shanna’s 7-year-old asks to get her ears pierced, Shanna considers all her options, including Claire’s Boutique, local piercing parlors and more, and Laura celebrates her 4-year-old’s artistic triumph when he draws a very detailed, albeit spooky, creature. Also, in the special segment “Throwback,” Shanna tells the story of the time in sixth grade when […] Read More

Ep. 259 – School Dilemmas

Shanna and Laura air their petty parenting grievances in the special segment “Gripe Water.” They sound off about potty breaks, early school dismissals, the shortcomings of parenting advice and more! Also, Laura has a big update about her ongoing conundrum about where to send her four-year-old to transitional kindergarten in the fall, and Shanna talks […] Read More

Ep. 245 – When Misunderstandings Lead to Meltdowns

In the special segment “Why Is My Kid Crying?” Shanna and Laura share the things that have caused their little ones to melt down recently, including carelessly chosen words, frozen yogurt memories and more. They dissect the reasons behind the huge emotions, discuss how they handled the situations and explore how they might have done […] Read More