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Tag archive: picky eater

Ep. 247 – Sibling Rivalry

Shanna reports on the sibling conflict that has been playing out between her two daughters, and she wonders how to best handle the rivalry. Laura talks about a preschool family event that encouraged her four-year-old to try something completely different. Also, in the special segment “Today I Learned,” Laura and Shanna dive into the topics […] Read More
Big Fat Positive: A Pregnancy and Parenting Journey podcast

Ask Us Anything Mini-sode #6 – Kid-Friendly Meals

Laura and Shanna answer more listener questions! They share their go-to dinner ideas for kids, talk about whether Laura can imagine an alternate reality in which she doesn’t have kids, and discuss why Shanna chose not to know the sex of her embryos during IVF. If you have a question for an upcoming Ask Us […] Read More
Big Fat Positive: A Pregnancy and Parenting Journey podcast

Ep. 227: Throwback: Shanna’s First Boyfriend

In this episode of the Big Fat Positive: A Pregnancy and Parenting Journey podcast, Laura discusses a big decision that she has to make about her 1-year-old’s daycare, and Shanna talks about her reluctance to let her girls run a lemonade stand. Also, in the special segment “Throwback,” Shanna tells a story about her first […] Read More

Ep. 88: Why Is My Toddler Suddenly a Picky Eater?

When Laura’s toddler transforms from a food lover to a picky eater, she wonders if maybe she should have seen this coming, and Shanna’s work-from-home routine is upended when she and her daughters all fall sick at the same time. In this week’s special segment, “Gripe Water,” strangers in playgrounds, baby poop, internet behemoths and […] Read More