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Text that reads: Episode 280, Nurturing the Non-Mom Part of Your Identity and an illustration of two positive pregnancy tests.

Ep. 280 – Nurturing the Non-Mom Part of Your Identity

In part two of the special segment “Checkin’ the Inbox,” Laura and Shanna answer listener questions about how to reconnect with yourself after becoming a mom, important questions to ask potential babysitters, VBACs vs. C-sections and more! Also, Shanna talks about recharging her batteries (literally and figuratively) on a weekend trip to the mountains without […] Read More
Text that reads: Episode 277, Mom Wins: Creative Problem Solving and an illustration of two positive pregnancy tests.

Ep. 277 – Mom Wins: Creative Problem Solving

In the special segment “Mom Wins,” Shanna and Laura celebrate their recent parenting successes, including strategically getting out of an unpleasant pottying-in-public situation and finding a creative solution for averting a meltdown with an understimulated and dysregulated kid. Also, Laura talks about a new project that has consumed her time, and Shanna reports on the […] Read More

Ep. 200: We Said What?!

Laura and Shanna celebrate their 200th episode by blind reacting to their very first episode of the BFP podcast. They reflect back on their first weeks of pregnancy and discover that they said some surprising, helpful and ridiculously odd things. Also, Shanna reports on the preschool plague that has caught up with her family, and […] Read More

Ep. 41: Fur Babies

Shanna and Laura discuss life with babies and pets. They also report on taking their babies on adventures outside of the house. Also, in the special segment, “What I Googled This Week,” Laura and Shanna reveal the funny and embarrassing things they asked the internet recently, including a very pressing question about losing baby weight. […] Read More