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Tag archive: parenthood

Ep. 22: How Not to Make a Birth Plan (29 and 33 Weeks Pregnant)

In the special segment “Internet Insanity,” things get wacky as Laura and Shanna share the unusual things they’ve come across in the online world of pregnancy, including a shocking contributor to the pregnancy forums and an-over-the-top birth plan. Also, Shanna reports on having a baby sprinkle to celebrate her second child, Laura talks about trying […] Read More

Ep. 21: Shanna’s Infertility and IVF Story (28 and 32 Weeks Pregnant)

In this week’s “Big Topic,” Shanna discusses her journey of trying to conceive, which includes a long, circuitous route through infertility, pregnancy loss, reproductive endocrinologists and IVF. Laura discusses the intricate baby-name spreadsheet she created, and Shanna talks about her 32-week growth scan and feeling her baby’s hiccups in utero. The moms-to-be also reveal their […] Read More

Ep. 20: What Is Lightning Crotch? (27 and 31 Weeks Pregnant)

Laura reports on checking in with her OBGYN about her pubic symphysis pain, and Shanna talks about her third trimester pregnancy anxiety and shares a an unsettling prediction that her 2.5-year-old made about her pregnancy. Also, in honor of Thanksgiving, Shanna and Laura give up the pregnancy grousing and share things they are thankful for […] Read More

Ep. 19: Getting Your Home Ready for Baby (26 and 30 Weeks Pregnant)

In the new segment, “Checkin’ the Inbox,” Laura and Shanna answer a listener question about how to handle your baby’s bodily functions and share a listener story about a shocking thing that a stranger recently did to her baby. Also, Shanna discusses getting her house and nursery ready for her new baby, and Laura checks […] Read More

Ep. 18: Caffeine During Pregnancy (25 and 29 Weeks Pregnant)

In the special segment “What I Googled This Week,” Shanna and Laura admit the pregnancy topics they recently asked the Internet about, including a question about the effects of caffeine consumption during pregnancy, and preparing for an emergency. Also, the Shanna reports on feeling emotional and overwhelmed during the third trimester, and Laura discusses the […] Read More

Ep. 17: Baby Showers vs. Baby Sprinkles (24 and 28 Weeks Pregnant)

Shanna talks about her upcoming baby sprinkle, and Laura reports on clearing out her non-maternity clothes. Also, in the special segment “Internet Insanity,” they discuss the wild and wacky things going down online in the world of pregnancy, including unusual beliefs about the effect of too much tickling during pregnancy, decorating pregnant bellies, gender reveals […] Read More

Ep. 16: What Do Baby Kicks Feel Like? (23 and 27 Weeks Pregnant)

In the special segment “OMG I’m Freaking Out,” Laura and Shanna discuss what is sending them into a tizzy this week in their pregnancies, diving into the topics of hormone-induced anger, pregnancy brain and more. Also, Laura reports on finally feeling her baby’s movements and having an unexpected reaction to them, and Shanna reports on […] Read More

Ep. 15: Weird Things People Say When You’re Pregnant (22 and 26 Weeks Pregnant)

Laura reports on her interview with a doula and how it didn’t go as expected, and Shanna talks about the physical challenges of being pregnant, including insomnia and body aches. Also, in the new special segment “They Said What?!” Laura and Shanna share the shocking or ridiculous things people have said to them about pregnancy, […] Read More

Ep. 14: Should I Get Vaccinated While Pregnant? (21 and 25 Weeks Pregnant)

Shanna and Laura learn about vaccines during pregnancy during their interview with pharmacist, immunization specialist and fellow pregnant person Keri Hurley-Kim! Also, Laura discusses her unexpected reaction when people tell her “congrats” about her pregnancy, and Shanna reports on feeling and seeing her baby’s fetal kicks and punches. The moms-to-be also reveal their BFPs and […] Read More

Ep. 13: Do Babies Cry in the Womb? (20 and 24 Weeks Pregnant)

In the special segment “What I Googled This Week,” Laura and Shanna divulge the embarrassing pregnancy issues they asked the internet about, including questions about indigestion during pregnancy and whether babies cry in the womb. Also Shanna talks about adjusting to her new body and pregnant belly, and Laura reports on her 20-week anatomy scan. […] Read More