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Tag archive: overwhelm

Ep. 304 – Preparing for an Empowered Birth with Dr. Nicole Rankins

Shanna and Laura talk to Dr. Nicole Rankins about what pregnant people can do to create an effective birth plan. Dr. Nicole is a board-certified, practicing OBGYN and the host of the podcast “All About Pregnancy & Birth,” and she is the creator of online courses “The Birth Preparation Course” and “Make a Birth Plan […] Read More

Ep. 255 – Laura’s Life-Changing Mom Hack

In the special segment “What the Hack!?” Laura and Shanna share some of their favorite parenting tips, including a clutter-free idea for displaying kids’ art, a super quick way to cook pasta, a clever way to teach kids your phone number and a parenting trick that Laura swears has changed her life. Also, Laura talks […] Read More

Ask Us Anything Mini-sode #8 – Tips for Handling Mom Burnout

Laura and Shanna answer listener questions about how to handle mom burnout, what Laura has been up to now that her kids are in full-time childcare and whether they receive free products from their sponsors. Want to get in touch with Shanna and Laura? Send us an email and follow us on social! Instagram, Facebook […] Read More

Ep. 18: Caffeine During Pregnancy (25 and 29 Weeks Pregnant)

In the special segment “What I Googled This Week,” Shanna and Laura admit the pregnancy topics they recently asked the Internet about, including a question about the effects of caffeine consumption during pregnancy, and preparing for an emergency. Also, the Shanna reports on feeling emotional and overwhelmed during the third trimester, and Laura discusses the […] Read More