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Tag archive: husbands

Ep. 241 – How We Met Our Husbands

In the special segment “Throwback,” Laura and Shanna celebrate Valentine’s Day by telling the stories of how they met their husbands. Also, Laura reports on an unexpectedly fun outing with her kids, and Shanna reports on a sudden rule change at her daughter’s preschool that threw her week into a tailspin. Finally, they share their […] Read More
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Ep. 4: Thinking About Baby Names (11 and 15 Weeks Pregnant)

Shanna reports on visiting her OBGYN and feeling anxious about her second trimester screening, and Laura talks about dealing with a tragedy while pregnant. In the special segment “Internet Insanity,” things get wacky as Shanna and Laura discuss what’s going down in the online baby forums – hormones and husbands and dogs, oh my! Finally, […] Read More