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Tag archive: hemorrhoids

Ep. 118: You Asked. We Answered!

In the segment “Checkin’ the Inbox” Shanna and Laura answer listener questions about everything from sleep loss, to sore boobs, to hemorrhoids during pregnancy and more! Also, Laura reports on her unexpected reaction to people commenting on her pregnant belly and reveals her shocking decision about her toddler’s screen time, and Shanna talks about her […] Read More

Ep. 22: Birth Plans, Baby Showers and… Serial Killers?

Things get wacky in the segment “Internet Insanity,” in which Laura and Shanna discuss what’s going down online in the world of pregnancy. Also, Shanna reports on her baby sprinkle, Laura talks about her baby shower drama, and the moms-to-be reveal their BFPs and BFNs for the week. Laura is 29 weeks pregnant, and Shanna […] Read More