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Tag archive: gender reveal

Ep. 112: Is Laura’s Baby a Boy or Girl?

Laura reports on the results of her NIPT test, including the sex of her new baby! She also talks about experiencing an unusual side effect of early pregnancy that caught her by surprise. Shanna discusses spontaneously transitioning her 19-month-old to a toddler bed and bemoans her daughter’s new 5:00 a.m. wake ups. Also, in the […] Read More

Ep. 3: The Big Reveal

In Episode 3 of the Big Fat Positive podcast, Laura reveals the sex of her baby, and Shanna discusses becoming an even more geriatric mother than she was before. The moms-to-be also discuss fun and unusual pregnancy facts they learned recently and divulge their highs and lows (BFPs and BFNs) this week. Laura is 10 […] Read More