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Tag archive: galactagogues

Ep. 35: Interview with Pediatric Geneticist Susan Winter

Laura and Shanna talk baby genes, newborn screening, NIPTs and more with special guest Susan Winter, who is not only a pediatric geneticist but also Laura’s mom! Also, Laura discusses getting fancy for a baby photo shoot, and Shanna disturbs everyone with talk of rodents. Shanna’s baby is seven weeks old, and Laura’s baby is […] Read More

Ep. 31: Figuring Out Your Parenting Philosophy (38 Weeks Pregnant and 3 Weeks Postpartum)

It’s less than 24 hours ‘til Laura’s c-section, and she talks about what she’s been up to in the last days and hours before her delivery, and Shanna reports on her latest attempts to get her newborn to gain weight, including a new galactagogue and a helpful support group. In this week’s special segment, “They […] Read More

Ep. 30: Struggling to Breastfeed (37 Weeks Pregnant and 2 Weeks Postpartum)

Shanna reports on her struggle to produce enough breastmilk to help her newborn gain weight, and Laura discusses decorating her baby’s nursery and sustaining an unexpected injury. In this week’s special segment, “What I Googled This Week,” the moms-to-be divulge the pregnancy-related topics they asked the Internet about recently, diving into the topics of using […] Read More