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Tag archive: dysregulation

Ep. 303 – Shanna’s Dramatic Dinner

Laura reports on her three-year-old’s progress with potty training, and Shanna tells the story of an unexpectedly dramatic dinner with her family. Also, in the special segment “Loose Ends,” Shanna and Laura give updates about topics they’ve talked about previously, including behavior issues, Botox and more! Finally, they share their BFPs and BFNs for the […] Read More
Text that reads: Episode 277, Mom Wins: Creative Problem Solving and an illustration of two positive pregnancy tests.

Ep. 277 – Mom Wins: Creative Problem Solving

In the special segment “Mom Wins,” Shanna and Laura celebrate their recent parenting successes, including strategically getting out of an unpleasant pottying-in-public situation and finding a creative solution for averting a meltdown with an understimulated and dysregulated kid. Also, Laura talks about a new project that has consumed her time, and Shanna reports on the […] Read More