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Tag archive: disneyland

Ep. 270 – Texts From a Four-Year-Old

In the special segment “Internet Insanity,” Shanna and Laura share the wild and wacky parenting-related content they’ve found online recently, including a humorous research study involving Legos, videos of people experiencing simulated period pain and more! Also, Shanna talks about the questionable ways her four-year-old spent her time during the day while Shanna worked, and […] Read More

Ep. 244 – Disney Drama

In the special segment “Mom Confessions,” Shanna and Laura divulge their most outrageous and embarrassing parenting moves, including Laura’s super sly encounter with a dirty diaper, Shanna’s shameful attempt to pull the wool over her daughter’s eyes, and more! Also, Shanna reports on her four-year-old’s introduction to religion during her preschool’s monthly visit to chapel, […] Read More

Ep. 196: Laura’s Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Story

In Part Two of their “Big Topic” segment on postpartum depression and anxiety, Laura and Shanna talk about Laura’s experience with undiagnosed PPA and PPD after the birth of her son. Also, Shanna talks about filling out a questionable preschool application, and Laura reports on her family’s most recent trip to Disneyland and the parenting […] Read More

Ep. 175: Disneyland and Discipline

Laura takes her kids to the happiest place on Earth, and Shanna tries her hand at disciplining her two-year-old. Also, in the special segment “OMG I’m Freaking Out,” they discuss the parenting-related situations that have been keeping them up at night, including collapsing ceilings and Christmas shopping complications. Finally they share their BFPs and BFNs […] Read More

Ep. 3: The Big Reveal

In Episode 3 of the Big Fat Positive podcast, Laura reveals the sex of her baby, and Shanna discusses becoming an even more geriatric mother than she was before. The moms-to-be also discuss fun and unusual pregnancy facts they learned recently and divulge their highs and lows (BFPs and BFNs) this week. Laura is 10 […] Read More