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Tag archive: cravings

Ep. 138: Was That a Braxton Hicks or a Real Contraction?

Laura is 8 days away from her scheduled c-section, and she just may have experienced her first real contraction. Also, her toddler has been having a potty training setback, and she explains why. Shanna tries to figure out a mystery rash on her 2-year-old and struggles to understand her burgeoning language. In the special segment […] Read More

Ep. 8: Pregnancy Cravings and Fun Facts About Fetuses (15 and 19 Weeks Pregnant)

Shanna and Laura discuss pregnancy cravings, headaches and placentas, and they make a discovery about one more thing their pregnancies have in common. Also, in the special segment “Today I Learned,” the moms-to-be share fun and fascinating facts they have learned recently about their developing fetuses, diving into the topics of what babies can taste […] Read More