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Tag archive: checking the inbox

Bonus: Listener Questions – Baby Names, Mom Guilt, Breastfeeding Tips and More!

Laura and Shanna continue their “Checkin’ the Inbox” segment from Episode 134 and answer more listener questions! They discuss favorite baby names, breastfeeding tips, mom guilt and more!   Read More

Ep. 134: Unsolicited Advice, Parent Preference and More

In the segment “Checkin’ the Inbox,” Laura and Shanna answer listener questions about everything from dealing with unsolicited advice from family members to whether Laura will be going for a VBAC or planned C-section. Also, Laura talks about expressing and collecting colostrum in advance of giving birth, and Shanna reports on her daughter’s two-year sleep […] Read More

Ep. 19: Your Questions and Stories!

In the new segment, “Checkin’ the Inbox,” Laura and Shanna answer a listener question about an unsavory bodily function and tell a listener story about an unsavory stranger’s behavior. Also, the moms-to-be discuss getting the house ready for baby, talk about making pregnancy friends and reveal their BFPs and BFNs for the week. Laura is […] Read More