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Tag archive: calm corner

Ep. 285 – Momming with Migraines

In the special segment “Loose Ends,” Shanna and Laura give updates on topics they left hanging in previous episodes, including life with a kitten, sleep after ear-tube surgery, after-school restraint collapse and much more! Also, Laura reports on her four-year-old’s participation (or lack thereof) in a recent theater production at his school, and Shanna discusses […] Read More

Ep. 281 – No Bad Kids, No Bad Words

Laura hits a parenting milestone this week when she hears her child use a swear word for the first time and must think on her feet to appropriately handle the situation, and Shanna attends parent-teacher conferences for her 4- and 7-year-olds and is caught off guard by the information she receives. Also, in the special […] Read More