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Tag archive: birth

Ask Us Anything Mini-sode #9 – Going Out with Your Baby

Laura and Shanna answer listener questions about going out and about with newborns and young infants, a day they would want to relive since becoming moms and their favorite cocktails. If you have a question for an upcoming Ask Us Anything Mini-sode, send us an email and or reach out on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok […] Read More

Ep. 27: What Happens if My Water Breaks? (34 and 38 Weeks Pregnant)

Shanna’s delivery day is four days away, and she discusses the thoughts and emotions she’s having about being so close to meeting her new daughter. Also, Laura talks about her recent visit to the pregnancy chiropractor to help with her symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) pain and attending a childcare and breastfeeding class. Also, in the […] Read More