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Tag archive: 7-month-old

Ep. 173: A Very Spooky “They Said What?!”

Laura’s two-year-old has become obsessed with spooky stuff, and Shanna’s girls are sticking with their true animal essence with their Halloween costumes. Also, in the special segment “They Said What?!,” Laura’s son is adamant that something disturbing will happen on Halloween, and Shanna’s awkwardness at the beach with her kids does not go unnoticed by […] Read More

Ep. 172: Why Doesn’t My Baby Look Like Me?

In the special segment “What I Googled This Week,” Shanna and Laura admit the unusual and/or embarrassing questions they’ve asked the internet recently, including the topics of family genetics and toddler visual disturbance. Also, Shanna tackles her toddler’s early-morning wakings, and Laura celebrates her baby’s new and under-appreciated milestone. Finally, they share their BFPs and […] Read More

Ep. 171: How to Handle Your Toddler’s “Why” Phase

Laura’s two-year-old has entered the “why” phase, so she is faced with answering the whats, wheres and whys of everything, and Shanna deals with her two-year-old’s continual nap rejection. Also, in the special segment “Stump the Moms,” Shanna and Laura grill each other with exciting trivia questions about childhood games, unusual pregnancy symptoms and more! […] Read More

Ep. 170: Did Laura’s Baby Say His First Word??

In the special segment “Mom Wins!” Laura talks about the miraculous new bedtime technique that has worked wonders with her two-year-old, and Shanna recounts her desperate attempt to remove permanent marker from her child’s face before school. Also, Shanna talks about her two-year-old’s clinginess, and Laura wonders if her baby said his first word at […] Read More

Ep. 169: Our Favorite Kids’ Books

In Part 2 of “Checkin’ the Inbox,” Shanna and Laura answer more listener questions about everything from our favorite books, to miscarriage, to breastfeeding toddlers and more! Also, Laura talks about her two-year-old’s new anxieties about preschool and gives an update about her baby’s plagiocephaly, and Shanna reports on her daughters’ first illnesses since before […] Read More