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Tag archive: 32 weeks

Ep. 25: Drinking While Breastfeeding (32 and 36 Weeks Pregnant)

In the special segment “Today I Learned,” Shanna and Laura discuss fascinating facts they’ve recently learned about pregnancy, diving into the topics of drinking alcohol while breastfeeding and whether pregnancy is contagious. Also, Shanna reports on starting her maternity leave, and Laura discusses her mini baby shower and blessingway. Finally the moms-to-be reveal their BFPs […] Read More

Ep. 21: Shanna’s Infertility and IVF Story (28 and 32 Weeks Pregnant)

In this week’s “Big Topic,” Shanna discusses her journey of trying to conceive, which includes a long, circuitous route through infertility, pregnancy loss, reproductive endocrinologists and IVF. Laura discusses the intricate baby-name spreadsheet she created, and Shanna talks about her 32-week growth scan and feeling her baby’s hiccups in utero. The moms-to-be also reveal their […] Read More