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Tag archive: 24 weeks

Ep. 17: Halloween, Explosions, Forest Fires!

Laura and Shanna dive into the topic of Halloween costumes for pregnant ladies. Also, Shanna talks about her upcoming baby sprinkle, Laura reports on clearing out her non-maternity clothes, and things get wacky in the segment “Internet Insanity,” in which they discuss what’s going down online in the world of pregnancy. The moms-to-be also reveal […] Read More

Ep. 13: Burping and Crying

In the segment “What I Googled This Week,” Laura and Shanna divulge the embarrassing pregnancy issues they asked the internet about. Shanna talks about being shocked at seeing her large, pregnant belly in the dressing-room mirror, and Laura reports on her 20-week anatomy scan. The moms-to-be also reveal their BFPs and BFNs for the week. […] Read More