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Tag archive: 11-month-old

Ep. 191: Getting Mansplained by a Preschooler

Laura reports on her spontaneous trip to the mountains alone with her two kids, and Shanna talks about the upsetting news she received days before her daughter’s birthday. Also, in the special segment “Never Have I Ever: Parenting Edition,” they reveal embarrassing and shocking situations they’ve never been in before having kids, including a very […] Read More

Ep. 190: Life with a Threenager

In the special segment “They Said What?!” Laura has a surprising and awkward interview with a potential nanny, and Shanna is complimented on her parenting in a shockingly backhanded way. Also, Shanna reports on the challenging behavior of her “threenager,” and Laura discusses how the demo for her home renovation disrupted her family’s routine. Finally […] Read More

Ep. 189: What’s the Deal with After-School Meltdowns?

Shanna and Laura share fascinating facts they’ve come across recently in the special segment “Today I Learned,” including a broken world record, adorable studies with toddlers and the reason behind kids’ big feelings after a long day at school. Also, Laura discusses prepping for major home renovations while parenting two small children, and Shanna reports […] Read More

Ep. 188: Mom Wins: Coming Back from Rock Bottom

In the special segment “Mom Wins!,” Laura and Shanna recount their recent parenting successes with spreadsheets, sand and soap! Also, Shanna discusses the agony of her daughter’s three-year sleep regression, and Laura reports on the celebrations for her son’s third birthday. Finally, they share their BFPs and BFNs for the week. Shanna’s kids are 3 […] Read More

Ep. 187: How to Donate Breast Milk

Shanna and Laura talk with Stephanie Lehman, Ph.D., from the University of California Health Milk Bank, where Laura is donating her breast milk, about how the milk bank got started, why breast milk donation is important, how a donor can get involved and more! Also, Laura wonders if her 11-month-old is officially a walker now, […] Read More