Ep. 239 - Welcome to the Tumultuous Two

Ep. 239 – Welcome to the Tumultuous Twos

January 30, 2023

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Laura and Shanna share some of their favorite parenting tips in the segment “What the Hack?,” including ideas for getting your kids to cooperate, dealing with discarded bread crusts, putting band-aids on tiny fingertips and more! Also, Laura reports on her toddler’s entry into the “tumultuous twos,” and Shanna talks about what it was like to get Covid on Christmas and spend the holidays in isolation from her family. Finally, they share their BFPs and BFNs for the week. Shanna’s kids are 4 and 6 years old, and Laura’s kids are 3.5 years old and 23 months old.

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Big Fat Positive: A Pregnancy and Parenting Journey podcast is hosted by Laura Birek and Shanna Micko and produced by Laura Birek, Shanna Micko and Steve Yager.

Show Notes:

  • Milk Minute Podcast - Episode 145 Listen to Laura on episode 145 of the Milk Minute podcast, where she talks with hosts Maureen and Heather about how to night wean her toddler. Maureen and Heather will join Big Fat Positive next week for episode 240 of the BFP Podcast to find out how Laura's night-weaning journey went.
  • Fingertip Band-Aid Shanna mentions this tip from Dr. David Epstein about the best way to affix a band-aid to a fingertip.
  • Parenting with an accent TikTok user @erin.monroe_ has the best tip about talking to your kids with an accent to get their attention!
  • Spiderman giving a poop pep talk TikTok user @postpartumpsycho came up with the most brilliant idea to help her two-year-old get over his potty fears.
  • Cameo for Kids Make personal messages for your kids using their favorite characters.

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