Ep. 188: Mom Wins: Coming Back from Rock Bottom

February 7, 2022

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In the special segment “Mom Wins!,” Laura and Shanna recount their recent parenting successes with spreadsheets, sand and soap! Also, Shanna discusses the agony of her daughter’s three-year sleep regression, and Laura reports on the celebrations for her son’s third birthday. Finally, they share their BFPs and BFNs for the week. Shanna’s kids are 3 and 5 years old, and Laura’s kids are 3 years old and 11 months old.

Show Notes:

  • Customer Service Spreadsheet Template Here's the spreadsheet Laura made to keep track of her calls with customer service reps.
  • The 3-Year Sleep Regression from The Sleep Lady. Information on the latest sleep regression that is plaguing Shanna's family.
  • Kids' Scissors* Shanna talks about Cece's obsession with cutting stuff. Here's the type of scissors she loves using!
  • Hydroflask Lid* Laura made her life easier by purchasing some replacement lids for her beloved Hydroflask.
  • Hydroflask* Laura's favorite water bottle! Shanna loves it too and learns in this episode that topless is the way to go.
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