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Ep. 4: Thinking About Baby Names (11 and 15 Weeks Pregnant)

Shanna reports on visiting her OBGYN and feeling anxious about her second trimester screening, and Laura talks about dealing with a tragedy while pregnant. In the special segment “Internet Insanity,” things get wacky as Shanna and Laura discuss what’s going down in the online baby forums – hormones and husbands and dogs, oh my! Finally, […] Read More
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Ep. 3: When Will My Morning Sickness Go Away? (10 and 14 Weeks Pregnant)

Laura reveals the sex of her baby and shares the results of her noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT), and Shanna talks about morning sickness as well as celebrating her birthday while pregnant and how she feels about being a “geriatric” mom. In the special segment “Today I Learned,” the moms-to-be discuss fun and unusual pregnancy facts […] Read More

Ep. 2: Should I Keep My Pregnancy a Secret? (9 and 13 Weeks Pregnant)

Shanna reports on her first trimester screening and shares the results of her nuchal translucency scan (NT scan), and Laura discusses how her geneticist mom encouraged her to do comprehensive genetic testing. In the special segment “OMG I’m Freaking Out,” the moms-to-be also discuss what pregnancy related topics they felt anxious about recently, diving into […] Read More

Ep. 1: Introductions (8 and 12 Weeks Pregnant)

Best friends Shanna and Laura got pregnant just a few weeks apart, and they are here to check in on their pregnancies, week by week and share everything they learn and experience along the way! This week, the Laura reports on getting her ultrasound upgraded by a few days, and Shanna discusses the results of […] Read More