Bonus: What Happens When My Preschooler Gets Covid and Should I Get Vaccinated While Pregnant?

August 27, 2021

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In this must-listen episode, Laura and Shanna provide big updates about how the surge of the Delta variant is affecting their lives, what they have decided about sending their kids to school during the pandemic and how “the sniffles” means so much more than it ever did before. Also, they interview Dr. Mona Amin from PedsDocTalk about the importance of Covid vaccinations for pregnant and lactating people and what she has experienced as a pediatrician during the pandemic. Finally, Laura and Shanna share several BFPs. This is part 13 of Laura and Shanna’s “Momming During Coronavirus” bonus series. It’s been 16 months since the coronavirus pandemic first shut down schools, workplaces and all non-essential businesses in Los Angeles, where they live. 

Dr. Mona Amin



Show Notes:

  • Dr. Mona Amin's Website Visit this link to learn about today's guest, Dr. Mona Amin, and to listen to her podcast PedsDocTalk!
  • Dr. Mona Amin's Instagram Follow Dr. Mona on Instagram!
  • Happy Masks Shanna talks about these masks, which her kindergartener likes using. They have 99% bacterial and viral filtration.
  • Petite Vie Masks After much searching, Shanna found masks with a high-quality filter that are made to fit small preschoolers, ages 2-4.
  • Your Local Epidemiologist Shanna loves following Dr. Katelyn Jetelina, aka Your Local Epidemiologist, for evidence-based and easy-to-understand updates and information about Covid-19.
  • KingGutterBaby Laura loves following Laurel Bristow, MSc, an Infectious Disease Specialist who provides helpful and evidence-based information about Covid-19.
  • Zarbee's Naturals Baby Soothing Chest Rub* Laura loves this soothing chest rub with lavender and eucalyptus and used it on her 6-month-old son when he had Covid-19.
  • (*denotes affiliate link)

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